Novice teachers trained under new program outperform veterans in some subjects

Learning any good practice occurs best done with awareness of why it is immediately relevant and when one gets feedback immediately.  I suspect those things account for why the Teach For America alternative certification program works best.

Teach For America is a national program that places high-performing college graduates in low-income rural and urban schools for a minimum of two years. It has a particularly large presence in the New Orleans area, with about 350 members currently teaching.

In science, The New Teacher Project graduates performed about as well as the average experienced teacher, the study found. In social studies, experienced teachers outperformed the alternative program’s graduates.

Gains for the alternative program’s teachers were particularly large in math, while evidence they outperformed experienced teachers in language arts and reading was more modest.

via Novice teachers trained under new program outperform veterans in some subjects – Breaking News from New Orleans – Times-Picayune –

A few things I noticed here are that these teachers are good at school (high-performing college graduates).  They are at Stage 3 on the Tribal Leadership scale.  That means that hey really want to succeed at what they do and know how to learn to be successful.

I suspect that they want to be excellent teachers and make a difference in the lives of their students.  They are passionate about school.  The social studies teachers aren’t saying “I want to be a xxxx coach and teach history” as too many social studies candidates are wont to say.


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